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Service Name: Race Specialist

Summary of findings

  • Well produced informative laying guide and selection method.
  • Provides numerous examples and detailed walkthrough on how you
  • can adopt the race specialist laying system.
  • Excellent guide to assist and educate on how to study horse racing form.
  • 181 pages long and superb value for money at only £39.99.

Product Overview

The Race Specialist is the latest betting system from Jonathan Burgess, who previously produced the excellent ‘False Favourites’ e-book, which was very well received throughout the industry.

Weighing in at 181 pages long, Jonathan has gladly supplied us a copy of the Race Specialist to review on your behalf. He is well qualified to write about the subject as he is a Betfair accredited trainer, with a number of articles previously published with them.

At only £39.99, the Race Specialist is affordably priced and as it is purchased via clickbank it comes with their 60 day money back guarantee it not satisfied.

Why This Is Different From The Usual ‘Racing Systems’

Racing Systems currently have a very bad reputation so perhaps its best to start off by describing what the Race Specialist is not.

  • It is not a mass-marketed, quickly produced system such as
  • we see churned out by the likes of the ‘Rochdale Road gang’ on a weekly basis.
  • It is not a system that will make you instantly rich overnight.
  • It is not a system that unveils a hither-to unknown secret.
  • It is not a system that takes only 5 minutes a day to follow.

In fact Jonathan aggressively addresses all these issues throughout his eBook as he makes clear that it has been designed to offer a realistic and sensible method for helping you with your betting. In conversation with Jonathan throughout this review process, it is clear his modus operandi is to offer a genuine service at all times, with punters welfare (and ultimately their betting success) the focus of his attention.

This is proven by the value for money and depth of analysis that Race Specialist goes into. Clearly this is an eBook that has taken a long time to produce and has not been knocked together overnight.

One understated way in which the Race Specialist will undoubtedly assist is to help you identify bad and ultimately unprofitable systems before you lose any money on them. If you keep getting caught out by the wrong systems, this could be money very well spent.

How Race Specialist Helps You Lay

Back to the topic in hand though and the approach that Race Specialist takes is to help you identify weak favourites so you can make a profit laying. These are all generally at short prices (under 5/2) and so in turn keeps your laying liabilities low.

Jonathan introduces some key concepts that he teaches through the book as follows:

  • How you can identify the right type of races to take on weak favourites.
  • How you can use properly defined betting methods with system rules.
  • How to adopt a professional approach to betting.
  • How to eliminate mistakes.
  • How to minimize risks by effective money management and staking.
  • How to use Betfair to get the best prices for your lays.

It is probably very fair to say that not only does the Race Specialist introduce a very useful concept and area to focus on when laying but also educates on betting on horse racing in general.

If you are keen to learn more about studying form to assist with your own betting knowledge, this is an excellent resource to help with that.

The Ebook In More Depth

To help break up the information supplied, it is split up into 10 different sections. Both the theory of systems and the practical application of them (how systems work, money management & professional attitudes) are discussed in depth. This is very useful as it allows the system supplied in the eBook to be put into context, so you can see how a proper system works.

Through a number of these 10 sections, you are guided through each detail of selecting what you hope to be your weak favourites.

Every variable of racing is taken into consideration from going, distance, course form, surface, trainers and jockeys through to ratings, race commentary and horse preferences. All of these things combined help you to identify your selections each day and using a points system you can quickly see the strongest and weakest favourites. An explanation is also given to each variable of the system so that you know why it is an important criteria.

Of course we cant reveal too much of the system but its safe to say that this is a very well put together theory on selecting poor favourites. There are plenty of screenshots and examples as well to guide you through sample races and lays to assist with this.

At times you will have to use some common sense to help with some of the criteria but generally it appears to be quite easy to follow. We imagine that over the space of time as you continue to apply the method this will become second nature.

All in all this process for selecting the weak lays is very detailed with as many areas covered as possible. No stone has seemingly been left unturned.